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Lite-On Technology is a leading provider of innovative products for both global and domestic markets, including imaging products, enclosures, power supplies and LEDs. Lite-On's primary objective for all product lines is to be number one in Taiwan and within the top three in the global market.
Optocoupler,Sensor, IR LED, Visible LED, Power management

Featured Product

Part # Series Description Product Category Datasheet Buy
LTV-816S-TA1-D-CU Photocoupler , 4pin , CTR(%)300~600,Cu L/F 光电耦合器 下载数据手册 购买
LTV-816S-TA1-D  Photocoupler ,4 PIN , CTR(%)300~600 光电耦合器 下载数据手册 购买
LTV-816S-TA1-D3-TX Photocoupler ,4 PIN , CTR(%)300~450 光电耦合器 下载数据手册 购买
LTV-247 Photocoupler , 16pin , CTR(%)100-600 光电耦合器 下载数据手册 购买
LTV-217 Photocoupler , 4pin  ,CTR(%)50-600 光电耦合器 下载数据手册 购买
LTV-356T-B Photocoupler , 4pin , CTR(%)130-260 光电耦合器 下载数据手册 购买
LTV-817-BN Photocoupler , 4pin Dip, CTR(%)130~260 光电耦合器 下载数据手册 购买
LTE-2872U Infrared LED and Photodetector IRED LED 下载数据手册 购买
LTV-817M-B Photocoupler , 4pin Dip, CTR(%)130~260 光电耦合器 下载数据手册 购买